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Heating and Gas Engineers

Our dedicated team offers a wide range of services for domestic and commercial clients, including installations, repairs, and servicing for domestic central heating and commercial heating systems.

We address various repairs, including leaks, power flushing, bleeding, and radiator balancing. Contact us by phone or email to discuss your specific needs. We are dedicated to providing customized, high-quality solutions.

Domestic Heating and Boilers

We are delighted to present an extensive selection of dependable and cost-effective domestic boilers, proudly featuring market-leading models from Baxi.

Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive top-notch heating solutions for your home, providing both reliability and affordability.

​Commercial Heating Solutions

Discover Powrmatic’s diverse heating solutions for commercial and industrial needs. Our efficient and reliable heaters are tailored for various applications, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings, from manufacturing to hospitality.

Elevate your workspace with Powrmatic’s advanced solutions for superior comfort and temperature control, contributing to both efficiency and sustainability.

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