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Plumbing, Heating & Renewable Energy

Providing plumbing and heating solutions for over 165 years.

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Skilled experts specialising in installing diverse renewable energy solutions.


Our team offers diverse services catering to both residential and commercial clients' needs.


Our versatile team handles various plumbing tasks for domestic and commercial clients.

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Our Recent Reviews

James JonesJames Jones
15:15 07 Jun 23
Excellent level of service. Engineer Craig very knowledgeable and friendly. Will... definitely be using them more
11:27 30 May 23
We have used Brian Slattery for several years now. From boiler installation to fixing a... tap or toilet they provide an excellent, professional service. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them as your go to more
Emma KayeEmma Kaye
07:16 12 Apr 23
Absolutely outstanding service / professional / well mannered / fairly priced and a great... all round company - wouldn’t use anyone else 😊read more
annabelle slatteryannabelle slattery
09:30 10 Apr 23
Of course it is a 5 star, it’s been a part of my family for over 160 years!
I had occasion to call Brian Slattery Plumbers very late in the afternoon to repair the... upstairs radiators at my daughter's home. She had a 3 day old new born baby in the house so the call out was urgent. The lady in the office fully understood the situation I was in and within the hour Craig was on scene and made a very swift repair restoring heat to the upstairs radiators. I have been a client of Brian Slattery Plumbers for almost 30 years, they have never disappointed. In my hour of need they were able to assist, promptly professionally and Craig made a swift repair.Brian Slattery Plumbers, professional reliable and helpful.Thank you so much, I have no hesitation in recommending their more

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